MealGuru - Your weekly meal plan!

MealGuru transforms your iPad into a mobile meal planning solution capable of whipping up deliciously healthy dinner ideas for everyday of the week, including your own favorite recipes. With MealGuru you’ll feel more satisfied from a healthier, balanced eating regimen by starting to improve your and your family’s eating habits today.

What MealGuru can do for you!

This app was created with a simple solution in mind: Provide a planning and organizing tool to help you enjoy eating balanced, diverse, and nutritionally conscious meals day in and day out. The MealGuru provides weekly meal plans based on recipes from the database and your unique taste, compiles grocery lists, and varies dining plans flexible from week to week to ensure that your diet stays as fresh as it does healthy.

weekly mealplanner

MealGuru meal planner composes your personal
7-day meal plan

The most challenging thing about every day cooking is making 7-day meal plans, while also taking variation, health as well as personal taste into account. And of course you don’t want to be spending too much time in the kitchen every day. This innovative recipe app for your iPad is the ultimate solution to all of the above. MealGuru is an appealing, easy to use and healthy 7-day meal planner, which takes your personal preferences into account. All recipes are easy to prepare, ready in less than 30 minutes, accompanied by beautiful high resolution photographs and come with easy step by step cooking instructions.  

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food preferences

MealGuru meal planner plans meals with recipes based on your preferences

This innovative recipe app will make your life easier! Tell MealGuru your personal preferences and it provides you with a healthy and well balanced 7 day meal plan that will satisfy and surprise you, your family or your friends.

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meal variaton

MealGuru meal planner ensures healthy and varied meals within your weekly menu

MealGuru includes a database of 280 healthy recipes made by dietitians to choose from. Each recipe is broken down by ingredients and their nutritional values. Furthermore, a number of unique “kid-approved” recipes are included in the app, accommodating family friendly meal plans as well. Preparing a healthy eating regimen doesn’t have to be a colossal undertaking. In fact, with MealGuru it is as simple as powering up your iPad!

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grocery list

MealGuru meal planner allows you to add
your own favorite recipes

MealGuru allows you to add and store personal recipes right into the app’s database via its innovative My Cookbook function. Personal recipes are circulated and added into meal plans randomly, meaning that favorites will always find a fair place next to the hundreds of dietitian approved choices programmed into the app.

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grocery list

MealGuru meal planner easily creates your grocery list

No need to spend hours searching for healthy recipes online, and analyzing nutritional content meal by meal. You simply pick what you want, what you don’t, and let the app do the rest. Shopping lists are included, and can be emailed to yourself as well as friends and family. Preparations are easy and well instructed. The app takes care of all the planning; all you need to do is cook!

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Increase your knowledge about food

MealGuru meal planner increases your knowledge

MealGuru is more than just a meal planner; Hot spots on every recipe provide you with interesting culinary and nutritional information.

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step by step

MealGuru menu planner enhances your cooking skills with easy to use recipe software

Cooking is easy with this iPad meal planner. Easy to read, step-by-step instructions assist you in preparing delicious meals.

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Tell your friends what you are eating

Share your daily dinners with friends by using the
MealGuru meal planner

Easily share today’s menu suggestion with your friends on Facebook and Twitter by simply clicking the buttons next to the recipes.

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