Frequently asked questions

1. I am currently on a diet that prohibits me from having certain foods. Can I still use MealGuru?

MealGuru is not suitable for people on any specific diet. Turning an ingredient ‘OFF’ does not guarantee that the generated recipes are completely free of this ingredient.

2. Why does MealGuru generate recipes with an ingredient that I specifically turned ‘OFF’? For instance, when I turn off onion I still get recipes that contain onion.

In this case onion is not a main ingredient. You can however easily leave an ingredient, like onion in this case, out.

3. Normally I cook for 4 people, but I am having guests over and now have to cook for 8 people. How do I adjust the recipe and the shopping list?

By simply adjusting the amount of people from four to eight in the preferences screen of that specific recipe and have MealGuru generate a new shopping list.

4. Is it possible to add extra items to my shopping list?

When emailing the list, before tapping ‘send’, simply tap anywhere in the list to add extra items.

5. MealGuru claims to generate healthy meals. How come there are recipes for hamburgers and pizza in my weekly menu?

Even in a healthy menu there is room for the occasional hamburger or pizza. Aside from that, recipes by MealGuru are more nutritionally balanced than any instant meal.

6. I noticed the extensive nutritional information. Why can’t I select recipes on nutritional characteristics, like fat and carbohydrates?

This feature is not yet available. It might be added in a later release.

7. The actual preparation time varies from what MealGuru says. How is this possible?

Additional time might be needed for things like cleaning and cutting the ingredients.

8. Are the recipes in MealGuru based on an adult meal size? Because my family consists of two adults and two children.

All recipes are based on an adult meal size. When your family consists of two adults and two children, you should probably base your recipe on three adults.

9. When a recipe states ‘nice with’, have these extra ingredients been taken into account for the nutritional information, like calories, fat and carbohydrates, concerning the recipe?

Only the actual ingredients of a recipe are taken into account for the nutritional information on a recipe. Ingredients mentioned under ‘nice with’ are not.

10. When I mark a recipe as ‘not for me’, can I still find this recipe and prepare it?

Yes, you can still find these recipes by tapping on the ‘not for me’ button under ‘recipes’. Then tap the recipe of your choice and un-check ‘not for me’.